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Professional  Manufacturer  From  Japan  

Equipped with modern technological machinery and a team of skilled technicians, Anri is committed to producing high quality products that meet all customer needs.
The company focuses on researching and developing new products, while creating differences in design and quality, meeting all customer requirements.

Factory - Facilities:

Manufacturing Area: The company has a large manufacturing area, designed and built according to industrial standards. This area is divided into different workshops to optimize the production process. These workshops include sewing area, printing area, embroidery area, and packaging area.

Machinery and equipment: The company owns a set of modern machinery and advanced technology to support the production process. Including equipment such as automatic cutting machines, digital printing machines, automatic embroidery machines, packaging machines and other supporting equipment. This helps optimize productivity and ensure product quality.

Research and Development (R&D) Department: The company also invests in an R&D department to research and develop new bedding models, as well as update production technology. The R&D department also plays an important role in improving product quality and diversity.

Quality control system: The company applies strict quality control standards from the production process to the final product. This ensures that bedding is produced and supplied reliably, complying with high quality requirements.


The best quality:


We understand that choosing the right bedding for your hotel can make a significant difference in customer satisfaction.
Therefore, all products at the Hotel are manufactured with the highest quality standards.
We always choose the best materials, combined with ingenuity in design to create products that exceed expectations.

Leading partner:Muong Thanh Hotel

We are proud to be a trusted partner of leading hotels in providing high quality products such as blankets, pillows and mattresses.
With over a decade of experience in the industry, we are committed to bringing comfort and luxury to our customers' leisure experience.

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  • Ha Noi Rep. Office V-Tower Bldg.302
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